Business Not As Usual

Roots has developed a robust platform of interactive tools that can meet the needs of any sales or service industry. Roots was built from the ground up to change the way business is being done to allow businesses from sole proprietorships to large corporations create competitive advantages within their industries. Our interactive tools allow even small companies to scale and engage with their customers by leveraging tools to better message and communicate with their customers.

Business Channels

Channels are a place for all of your content to call home. Whether you are a business that uses Live and Pre-Recorded videos to showcase your products, or you are a content provider that has knowledge to share with the Universe, Channels give you the ability to organize, structure and monetize your content.

LiveMeet, RootsCast & RootsLive

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LiveMeet enables sales and service industries to interact with their customers in more interesting and productive ways. Instead of customers waiting for a callback or simply chatting often times with a bot, with LiveMeet you can talk with a live person to get your answers.

LiveMeet can be used as a standalone product or in conjunction with RootsLive or RootsCast to create engaging experiences that increase sales or improve customer service. The possibilities are open to using the Roots platform in creative ways



Pre-recorded videos allowing content to be sent to your audience to view at their convenience, while also allowing various drawers to be included for effectiveness and efficiency for your viewers to learn about and/or to complete any particular call-to-action task that you have included inside. The ability to add related content with customized information and links has endless possibilities.



Live Online Events with interactive activities, engaging the audience with appropriate additions to an online meeting. Inside the event, you have the ability to add any customized link or call-to-action including the ability to receive payments or donations during the event and the option to hold prize give-a-ways, live auctions, or appropriate activities.


What Are Drawers?

Customized information is easily accessible with this feature. By clicking on any of the colorful side drawers, additional links appear for relevant information, i.e. documents, websites links, future appointment links or invites, and other pertinent calls to action. The drawers enable these calls to action to be completed right on the spot without redirecting or delaying. With (upgraded model name) customize the colors of the drawers to match your color or coordinate with your specific theme.

Livemeet Livemeet
If you are running a Roots Online Auction, you can add this link to your RootCast or RootsLive without your audience having to leave your page.
Upload Upload
If you are running a Roots Online Auction, you can add this link to your RootCast or RootsLive without your audience having to leave your page.
Chance Auction
If you are running a Roots Online Auction, you can add this link to your RootCast or RootsLive without your audience having to leave your page.

Livemeet LiveMeet

Allows a future time to be set and scheduled for follow up appointments, additional meetings or other possible upcoming opportunities to join at a later time.


Easily Add Logos, Names, and Web Links of your key supporters or affiliates that you wish to acknowledge to your viewers.


Live Auction Live Auction

Upload items for a real online and offline live auction. Upload items to be auctioned off live during your RootsLive Event. The Event Host has the ability to start an auction, click “Going Once”, “Going Twice”, and finally “Sold” to the winning real time bidder. Auction price will be automatically charged and collected.

Live Auction

Customize these Drawer titles and include a weblink so your viewers can click and view additional external weblinks without taking them out of your RootCast or RootsLive event.

Custom Links

Your viewers can easily contribute to your campaign with a click. The funds are collected and available for your organization to (directly?)receive into the account that you have set-up.

You can set a monthly subscription fee for your supporters to access your content on your Channel Page. This drawer will directly link all interested in signing up to your channel.

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